Rarely do we talk about similar events on a back to back basis. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the pulse of the streets and everything that is New York Events — hence the name. As you know, our coverage runs the gamut of topics and we try to give a little bit of something for everyone.

Now that our soliloquy is over, we present to you Airline Highway. As our headline indicates, this TONY nominated show fills all clichés. From prostitutes to inappropriate jokes that make us squeamish. This is your show!

As the NY Post indicates, most of the play consists of exposition as we’re introduced to the motley crew that calls a shabby motel home. Plunked upon Airline Highway, a road going by the airport, the Hummingbird — low, low rates of $34.99 a day! — is a haven for the colorful down-and-out who is New Orleans’ stock in trade. We know, very credible source.

The show has been out for a bit but seems like it’s a great fit for those of us who need to escape reality and all the politically correct B-S that we deal with on a daily basis while appreciating solid talent on the world’s greatest stage.

The madness and weirdness takes place at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater located at 261 West 47th Street. Get your tickets today at manhattantheatreclub.com. And if you’ve seen it, see it again!