It’s been before Sandy since I’ve been to the East Side of Lower Manhattan. Sure, I may have had a few random pop-ins at Jeremy’s Ale House but we all know how 32oz of beer in Styrofoam can erase any memory you made that night. Within the past week, New York Events made two trips down to the Seaport; one day trip and one night trip.

Day – This past Saturday was The 4th Annual Village Voice 4Knots Music Festival. The place was jammed and lined by some of our favorite food trucks (shout to our boys @unclegussys) with a stage right in the middle. We learned on Saturday that the name of the festival “4Knots” comes from this rich nautical history at the Seaport meaning “the speed of the waves as they meet at the Seaport in New York’s East River”. Dinosaur Jr. headlined while some of the supporting cast included Mac DeMarco, Speedy Ortiz, and Radkey. I continue to find myself amazed by the behavior of large crowds in NYC where alcohol is present. Everyone was mellowed out and enjoying the day and delicious street meat and beer served at Ambrose Hall which brings me to my night…

Night – Let’s start with Ambrose Hall…you can get an outdoor brew (great selection) and walk around the cobblestone (now covered by a fake grass carpet) streets of the Seaport. I had some time to wander around and walked past the construction of the mall and Pier 17 and made my way to Pier 15 where I found The Watermark bar. I heard the live band, saw the yachts pulling up to the pier, people dancing like crazy and had to join the fun. You can walk up to the roof where there are plenty of sunbeds to relax on and listen to the groovy beats. Seriously, if you haven’t been down to the Seaport in a while, then you’re missing a vacation just a subway ride away.

I was upset when I heard that Beekman Beer Garden closed but what is happening down in the Seaport is great. The best is yet to come but for now, have a drink along the river and support NY History!