With the weather that we have been experiencing, you are probably turned off by the headline. Why on earth would you want to travel to a place that is colder than here?! In fact, you probably have Expedia open in the next tab looking for trips to Miami. The good news is that the weather is not worse for this event. The bad news is that it is not better either.

The event we’re talking about is called Voyage to the Virtual and takes place at the Scandinavia House. Yes, there is such a place. The event is actually an exhibit and is the first of its kind at the venue that is dedicated to digital, moving image and light-based Nordic Art.

The concept is deeply rooted in Nordic identity; some say that it’s a starting point for an exploration into the ways contemporary artists are expanding on the human perceptual experience. Combining video, animation, sculpture, light, and interactive media, the exhibition invites viewers on expeditions to the far north, travels through time and space, and perceptual journeys into the realm of the virtual.

Sounds pretty awesome? That’s because it is! The unique exhibit will give you an experience that you’ve never had before. The best part is that it’s also FREE. Check out the unique exhibition at the venue you probably never heard of. For more information, check out our calendar listing.