Although it’s not officially summer yet, it’s starting to feel like we’re in the full swing of summer activities. This is likely due to the weather, weekend plans and the ability to spend so much time outdoors. While summer is officially a few weeks away, our thoughts are on summer trips! Europe may or may not be in the cards for you. However, we can certainly secure your space in at least one country, Spain. And, you don’t even have to leave the island. So, no excuses!

Like most of our journeys around here, the journey to Spain is by way of food. With Spain on the brain, there is no other food that comes to mind than Tapas! You likely know what this is but if not, it’s essentially an hors d’oeuvre. Now the background: Tapa translates in Spanish to “top” and that speaks to how tapas style food originated. A Spanish legend tells of a King who had an illness that made it where he could only eat a small amount of food with wine at one time. Eating small portions may seem strange as kings eat feasts, but tapas have a purpose. Another origin story of tapas reveals that when people drink Sherry, which is sweet and fruity fortified wine in Spain, they often cover their wine glasses with a slice of crusty bread or meat to keep the flies from doing a nose-dive into the wine. Next party trick for you?

Over centuries, the tapas concept has evolved. Currently, different chefs around the World keep exploring new techniques to deliver delicious and refined recipes. New York City offers a wide variety of tapas-focused restaurants; what a joy to being able to celebrate both the powerful gastronomic scene from Spain as well as to enjoy delicious tapas specially crafted for the NYC Tapas Week.

NYC Tapas Week 2022 is a celebration of the tapas concept and the powerful Spanish gastronomic scene in NYC. In parallel with World Tapas Day, a selection of 14 top Spanish restaurants in NYC will offer prix fixe special tapas menus at a reduced price during one week from June 12 to June 19, 2022. Locals and visitors may enjoy tapas like on the other side of the Atlantic but just around the corner. Salud!

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