Our city does things in a way that no other city can. Others try to match us, but you cannot replicate the history, culture and vibe that New York has. When New York hosts and event, it’s an event that sets the bar. Halloween is no different.  There will be parties and costumes everywhere. That’s a given. Heck, the parties have been taking place for over a week at this point. What separates us is a tradition that only our city can have in a neighborhood that only exists on our island – Greenwich Village.

The Village has been hosting the world’s most famous parade for 45 years and the tradition continues for the 46th time on Halloween 2019. The parade takes place in Greenwich Village, on 6th Avenue between Spring Street and 16th Street. It’s also the largest (and wildly creative) public participatory event in the world. Yes, you read that correctly. The world!

The NYC Village Halloween Parade is FREE for all to view from the sidelines or join in a costume.  If you don’t have time to wait in the massive general public line-up area, you can skip the line and march alongside a band! This ticket will allow you entry via a private entrance to the band lineup area between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. From here you can choose any band you’d like and parade with them up 6th Avenue.

Join 100’s of PUPPETS, 35 BANDS, DANCERS, ARTISTS, and thousands of other New Yorkers in costumes of their own creation in the nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!  This year’s Grand Marshall, Zohra, The Giant Spider (and creator Master Puppeteer Basil Twist) will be leading the way. There are many ways to participate so don’t miss out!

For more information and tickets, visit halloween-nyc.com.