As you’ve probably noticed, we rarely do multiple pieces on the same subject. However, after seeing Odd Birdz, we just had to. In fact, when we launched our contest and promotion with Tziporela, as we do with all of our partners, we intended to keep the relationship the way we set out. Well, that was until we experienced Odd Birdz.

When you attend the show, it is a complete experience and not just something you go see. From the time when you enter the quaint, intimate theatre, the actors are out there greeting you, talking to you, sweeping the theatre (seriously!). You get a chance to know them and for us, had no idea what to expect. In fact, they even asked yours truly to help them out on the stage.

The show starts abruptly and each scene follows suit. Skit after skit, you laugh harder and harder. The ‘Odd Birdz’ keep upping the ante throughout the show so you have no idea what to expect.

I brought my Mom and was nervous given some of the content but she enjoyed it as much as I did. The show is Seth Rogen meets Larry David meets the Three Stooges.

We had a blast and enjoyed some Mamoun’s next door right after.

Seriously, kudos to the actors and creators of this show. Beyond creative and relevant. Something for everyone and it sure will touch you!

Finally, it’s also always fun to be greeted by the actors when exiting a show, shaking their hands and completing the intimate experience at The Players Theatre.