The year seems to always begin with high ambitions, resolutions, things to do and of course, credit card bills. Saving money on the heels of the holidays is always top of mind for many of us. That happens because of the gluttony of fun that we partake in from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve (at least we do). We’re not advocating for it but because of that, our wallets are tight come January.

Why are we talking about this in mid-February? Well, this is the time that we officially dubbed wallet opening season. It’s when our budgets expand for our significant others and ourselves. From this point forward, we incrementally spend more and consume more. Gone at the days of dry January and we can finally look forward to fun times!  So, with that, lets party for the day of love!

The air is chirping with love and cupid is flying around. What does that mean for us? Sure, it’s nothing short of activities and having a good time. New York City presents us with endless possibilities when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day in New York can be tailor made to suit what you love as a couple or even a good time for yourself or friends.  Love is most definitely in the air, and there’s nowhere better to be than in NYC when Cupid comes around. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, besties, or by yourself, there’s definitely no shortage of things to do on Feb 14th!

Whether you want an old school celebration or you want to explore the wild side this year or you want to pop the question, New York City presents you with a whole lot of quirky and interesting options. Find a date or a date idea that suits you and your better half the best as it’s the time to impress!