When guests receive a save the date, an invitation or purchase a ticket for an event, they probably are not thinking about everything that went into the card in your hand or ticket in your inbox. The work that goes into event production is laborious and very detail oriented. Most of us know that. However, what we often forget about are the unsung heroes, Event Managers.

What is an Event Manager? What does an Event Manager do? Great questions and something to consider when you begin producing your next event. An Event Manager could be a person or an organization; it really depends on the size and breadth of the event you are producing.

Event Managers can help with everything from planning the theme, checking the dates and times to ensure that there are no potential conflicts for your guests and even help choose a neighborhood to host your affair. While we specialize in helping our clients secure venues, we often work with Event Managers who have narrowed the criteria.

Most Event Producers are working within budgets and hiring an Event Manager may not be included in your number. You do not need to hire someone externally but can delegate a member of your team to focus on managing the event. That includes most things from an operational perspective. Some tasks to assign to your Event Manager is managing the guest list, following up with unanswered RSVP’s, granting access for vendors (DJs, photographers, videographers, etc.) and working with venue to ensure the proper staff is available based upon the size and scope of your event.

There are many elements that go into an event. While you may be focus on the planning, you should have someone who is responsible for the execution. Yes, planning is important, but the event will only be as good as it’s managed.

As always, we are here for you. Please feel free to contact us to help with venue selection and event management!