You know the old adage and what to do with lemons and lemonade. Now what if we told you that we can take that to another level and give it to you for free? You would probably ask us what the heck we’re talking about. And we would respond with a free event with over 700 hand made lemons and 19-foot-tall lemon trees. What is the point of all this you ask? I mean apart from the social media photos, obviously. The event we’re about to tell you about is called Citrovia. Before we get into the details, lets focus on the venue. It all goes down at Manhattan West which is a is a 5.4-million-square-foot mixed-use development by Brookfield Properties, built as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment. The project consists of two large office towers and two smaller residential towers, as well as a 1.5-acre public park. If you haven’t been to New York’s latest neighborhood, this is as good as an excuse as any to get over there. It’s like walking into a lemon forest!

According to Fast Company, the project, titled Citrovia, is part of developer Brookfield Properties making creative use of ongoing construction occurring on the $5 billion development that is Manhattan West. We all know from walking around town that construction isn’t the prettiest to look at. This project solves one of those sites and gives us giant lemon slices and poppy artificial lemon trees underneath a construction shed. The lush landscape is a pop up like our city has never seen. Each lemon on the 16-and-a-half-foot lemon trees was painted by hand.

Citrovia is an interactive, outdoor installation that transports visitors to a sprawling, fantastical citrus garden. Larger-than-life and stranger-than-fiction, Citrovia features thousands of oversized, hand-painted lemons, leaves and trees, and billowing fabric clouds that can mimic sunrise and sunset.

So, when life gives you lemons, definitely go to Hudson Yards!

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