No, this isn’t a piece on the last time you had a slice of pizza, an ice cream sundae or you know what. We’re talking about museums! Specifically, the American Museum of Natural History.

With the holidays here and people taking time off to spend with family, doing activities they usually don’t have time for and exploring the city, why not go to the museum?!

Chances are that if you grew up near the city, you’ve been here for a high school trip at one point or another. Maybe you’ve been at some point to check out the giant whale or the beautiful architecture. But, when was the last time you were here?

We have a great opportunity for you to attend! Pterosaurs! What is that? It’s the ‘Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs’. These dinosaurs were the earliest known vertebrates to fly; this exhibition examines the lives of these creatures with fossils, casts and life-size models as well as videos and interactive simulations.

Sounds pretty awesome? Yea, that’s because it is. Check it out!