With summer officially underway, the city changes Friday through Sunday. Us New Yorkers flee the scene while tourists enjoy our town. While we all look forward to summer, most of us feel that angst feeling mid-week with no weekend plans. Staying in the city is not an option.

The good news is that our options are endless. Whether we’re flying, driving, busing, training, or boating there are plenty of places to go after work on Friday.

There are the obvious choices like the Hamptons, Atlantic City, and Fire Island which are all great but we often overlook the North Fork of Long Island where the wineries and beaches can keep us in a happy haze while we work on our tan.

Other drivable options to think about include Club Getaway (definitely talk to David Shapiro), the numerous Jersey beaches (we like Margate and LBI), Nantucket, Block Island, and Shelter Island.

They’re all awesome and do not include city humidity, increased garbage stench from the heat, or tons of tourists.

Where are you going this weekend?