We’re an event site and we offer products that are event driven. Therefore, it’s hard to come across anything ‘Made in China’ or anywhere else besides New York. So, that makes us proud Americans and even more proud New Yorkers. Yes folks, we are all American!

Unfortunately, that is not the case for most industries. Gone are the times where New York was a manufacturing haven. However, the city has also come a long way from paper pushing lawyers and bankers. While we do not necessarily build anything here, we do create a lot. With creating, we do need to think about manufacturing and that does not necessarily mean look outside the country or the city for that matter.

The free event we’d like to expose you to be actually an exhibit and has to do with this subject. Obviously, it’s in Brooklyn.

BLDG 92’s latest rotating exhibit explores the growing nationwide “Maker Movement” and the disruptive power of its artisans, techies and traditional manufacturers who represent “new manufacturing” here in New York City. Meet local makers and study the challenges they face in their journey from designer to entrepreneur, employer and to mass production.

We encourage you to go for yesterday and today. See the listing on our site.