This is a New York based guide and we know that there are many Miami transplants who may think we’re talking about the Miami Heat. Not so much. In fact, this piece is the polar (no pun intended) opposite of Miami.

We’re talking about Juno. No, not the movie. The Winter Storm Juno that is coming to pay us a visit. We’re expected to get it pretty bad; low visibility, 3 feet, winds, the works. In fact, our Mayor even said that it could be the worst ever.

Sounds like fun?! We think so! We can’t fight the weather but we can certainly embrace it.

You’re probably too late to hit the grocery stores since people spent the weekend stocking up their bomb shelters but you can certainly hit the liquor store!

Use this as an opportunity to try making some delicious hot afternoon cocktails. The world will be on pause, you may as well catch a buzz!

Some drinks to consider are the Hot Toddy, Irish Coffee (personal favorite of ours), Hot Gin Punch or a Glögg (from Scandinavia. Google it).

It’s not often that we recommend staying home but use this as an opportunity to create your own event!