Why on earth are we talking about widows?! Before we started this piece, we asked ourselves the same question. With everything going on in New York, why focus on something so morbid and depressing? There are obituary pages for that!

Well, as you know, we like to drink and we love ourselves some bubbly. What does that have to do with widows you ask? Well, how about free champagne and a widow on stage? You must be really confused by now!

One more piece we should add before we spill the beans…how about widows, champagne and the Metropolitan Opera House?! Sounds better, yes?

Well, “The Merry Widow” is at the Met and they’re serving complimentary champagne!

As champagne flows, can-can girls dance, unrivaled music swirls, a suitable husband is sought for “The Merry Widow”, who also happens to have inherited a fortune. A former lover seems to fit the bill, but after their bad breakup, she’s not so willing to forgive. A host of complications arise, even as sparks continue to fly between the two. “The Merry Widow Waltz,” “Vilja” and “Maxim’s” are just a few of the score’s many memorable melodies. Tony Award winner Susan Stroman directs and choreographs the witty show, performed entirely in English.

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