It’s remarkable to think of all the things that we deal with as a New Yorker. The crowded subways, late buses, dirty streets, overpriced everything, small living spaces and long work hours. That is in a normal world. Throw COVID into the mix and you get the idea. It’s not an easy place to live but we all choose to do so for a variety of reasons. All of those reasons have one thing in common; it’s an escape from the grit, grind, and work that we put in to live here. Whether your outlet is through a show, a museum, a restaurant, bar, or nightclub, we need something to offset everything else. As we all know, that was taken away from us when the pandemic struck. It sucks.

Whatever your political views may be doesn’t change the fact that we’re stuck inside and dreaming of the day when we can use our escape or outlet to release whatever we need to release. The good news is that museums are open and indoor dining is on the way. Some of you are as crazy as our team and haven’t stopped frequenting your favorite establishments despite the cold weather. For you sane folks, warmth is on the way back. New York City indoor dining will officially be back on Valentines Day. It’s not a coincidence and for the first time we can remember, this day is NOT about cupid! It’s about a return to normalcy – at least the start of it.

While restaurants will not be able be open at full capacity yet, we will take the 25% and embrace the hell out of it. Unfortunately, Cuomo didn’t grant restaurants and bars request to push the existing 10 p.m. curfew back to 12 a.m. as he continued expressing concerns over potential late-night crowding outside bars and restaurants as the reason behind that decision.  As we said earlier, we don’t 100% love it, but we will 100% embrace it! New York is on its way back!  Support your local.