Although March is coming faster than a speeding bullet, spring is nowhere to be found and certainly ‘not in the air’. Hopefully, that changes soon but for now, let’s stay warm!

When we think of warmth, we think of being all bundled up and cozy. Along the same line of thinking is Sights, Signs, and Symbols – New Work by Quilters of Color Network of New York

So we’re not necessarily talking about quilts that keep you warm. Quilters of Color Network of New York presents a collection of wall hangings inspired by the wonders, ciphers and images from the diverse cultures, powerful beings (both mythical and actual) and dynamism from around the world. The collection showcases the multiplicity of fabric as an expressive medium and highlights the ingenuity and proficiency employed by fiber artists who incorporate complex concepts in their individual practice.

This is an interesting exhibit at a very neat gallery. In fact, Arts at Hudson Guild are supported in part by public funds from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Stay warm and bundled up! And no, do not rip the quilts off the wall!