In typical fashion, this city spent 13 years recovering from the tragic events and rebuilt what is now America’s tallest building in the same site that the events took place. On Monday, publishing behemoth, Conde Nast started to move into their new digs at One World Trade Center (aka The Freedom Tower).

The epic, magical, and sensitive 104-story building that cost $3.9 billion to build has been the talk of the town for quite some time. It has been a part of our skyline for quite a bit so maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel as big of a deal as it as.

Just as the title of this piece suggests, it’s here and now it’s time to move on. Yup, just like that.

Given that we are an event guide, our focus is on what to do. With the new crowd coming in, they will need places to eat, places to drink, and things to do after work. This is what excites us.

For this piece, we’ll focus on the drinking (I mean, what better way to celebrate). We’d also like to keep our attention away from Stone Street as most of you know about those watering holes.

We’ll give you three (hopefully you haven’t been to these yet) and keep this topic fresh on our mind — come back when your 3 hangovers wear off.

1. 121 Fulton St. – Slightly on the bougie side but great day drinking spot with bottomless deals. Just saying.
2. Wogies – Best. Philly. Cheesteak. In. New York. Enough said.
3. The Iron Horse – Our dive pick. They have a swing above the bar. Do you really need another reason to drink here?