It’s more than a New York staple, it’s an American staple. Actually, it’s a global staple. What are we referring to? The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, of course. People from all over the world know it and many leaders from countries across the globe choose to stay at the Waldorf when they’re in town. Heck, even our President stays there!

No, they are not demolishing it or redesigning the building. In fact they can’t because it became an official New York City Landmark in 1993.

So what’s the big story here? Well, the magnificent Waldorf-Astoria Hotel has been sold. While it probably won’t change much, it is going to be controlled by the China-based Anbang Insurance Group.

Since it won’t change, there’s probably (and hopefully) nothing to panic about but we should all try to take some time and walk through one of the grandest and magnificent lobbies in the world.

Just think of whose feet touched that floor.