By now, we have all adjusted to this new world. Whether we like it or not, social distancing has affected every single one of us. We long for the simple things in life and human interactions we took for granted like a hug or a handshake. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be coming back any time soon.  Neither does sitting at your favorite bar and ordering a drink while chatting up your favorite bartender or even visiting your favorite neighborhood chef.  Those things we’ll have to wait on. In the meantime, we can still ‘see’ people.

You’re probably used to seeing people over FaceTime or Google Hangouts. Before the pandemic, it was a way to show your family and friends an outfit you were considering wearing out, a meal you just made or a purchase you were unsure of and wanted a second opinion. Today, it’s literally how we see people without a mask.  While no one saw this coming, we must continue to evolve and adapt if we want those human interactions we so long for.  There are plenty of platforms to catch up on and plenty of things to do.

There have been numerous happy hours hosted on these platforms where people imbibe in quarantine and share a buzz over a screen. Not ideal, but fun. We have some members on our team who watch movies with friends and keep the Zoom going. There are some who play board games over Google Hangouts. We are lucky to live in a world that offers the technology to stay in touch and maintain relationships beyond a phone call. Seeing your family and friends offers a way to keep some normalcy in your life and a way to keep your mind off what’s going on outside. One of the rules we’ve implemented in our sessions is not talking about ‘the virus’. You may want to do the same.