Hampton Classic

Hampton Classic

When you think of the Hamptons, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Aside from the elite and epic mansions surrounding each acre of the Atlantic Ocean, aligned with an abundance of chances of attending huge start studded events, what is the next thing that motivates us to take a trip down to the Hamptons?

If you chose the Hampton Classic as your answer, then, my friend, you are correct. Though I’ve attended almost every horse racing and championship ever produced, there is nothing like being part of the annual Hampton Classic that takes places in Bridgehampton.  If the upcoming 2013 event in August does not excite your senses then you are truly missing out.

This year’s Classic will be outstanding, and perhaps more memorable than the last. If you are a potential participant and in case you have not done so already, it is mandatory to submit an application. All applications including Lead Line, Young Jumper Championship and the Main Hampton Classic Entry forms are available on the main site.

If you are fan of the Classic, then you already know that the first day of Horse racing takes place on August 25 and ends on September 1, 2013 at the Grand Prix. There will be tons of exciting events intermittently taking place during this time as well. Attire is comfortable, chic and pristine.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to indulge in the beautiful beaches, ample restaurants and exquisite fun places during your visit. The best advice is to arrive early during these matches that way you are able to fully capture the entire experience. For all competitors, we wish you an abundance of luck as you make your way to win the $200,000 Taylor Harris epic prize. We enthusiastically look forward to meet you and everyone else at the Hampton Classic.

By: Laura M. Artis.