For now, gone are the days that we hop from rooftop to rooftop, enjoying different cocktails at different altitudes with different views of our city. The days are not gone because of the weather. In fact, normally rooftops and outdoor dining is not available this time of year. However, with COVID-19 and all that the pandemic has brought, the outdoor dining options are endless! That was mildly sarcastic. However, as the restaurant scene in New York may be very different than it was a year ago, it’s still New York and it’s still special and the proprietors are always upping their game!

Speaking of upping and no pun intended, our city has a unique offering providing a truly elevated experience. There are not many things like this in town or anywhere across the land. At least, nothing that we really heard of. The William Vale’s new Winter Village at Westlight is a seasonal pop-up is located on the hotel’s 23rd floor outdoor rooftop and features private heated chalets surrounding their rooftop ice skating rink, Vale Rink. Yes, a rooftop ice skating rink! It’s perfect for a cozy night out.

Vale Rink takes the 23rd floor to new heights! Go all the way up to the top of The William Vale to glide across the outdoor, sustainable skating rink with iconic views of the Manhattan skyline. Vale Rink is a synthetic rink Swiss engineered to perfection by Glice and does not require water or electricity to function. Because it’s synthetic, visitors can skate any time, regardless of temperature. Ready to skate the skyline?  We are!

Note that sessions are limited to 10 guests each time slot and all guests, skating or observing, must be ticketed. For more information and tickets, visit