New York Events attended Blood Manor’s press release party (which means that we didn’t have to wait in those crazy lines and received free booze!), just as we had last year. The team behind Blood Manor has outdone itself in 2013! The costumes were better and the sets scarier than ever before! Greenhouse was the venue for the pre-party and after-party and the free bourbon sponsored by Jim Beam (Jacob’s Ghost and Devils Cut) wasn’t even the best part. Characters from the program were in attendance greeting the guests and scaring them until they peed their pants. We got our buzz on and had the sh*t scared out of us! We argued what the scariest moment was, but to me, walking in complete darkness and not knowing what was on the other side was bone chilling enough to make me want to take another step. We saw rooms with people hanging from the ceiling, torture chambers and butchers at work! You wont want to miss this installment of the ‘scariest place in the city’ this Halloween season! – NYE