I always thought a haunted attraction would consist of mostly darkness, a lot of groping around to find the next safest passage, and things popping out when you least expect it. Well at least one of those things was completely true when it came to my experience at Blood Manor. Upon entering the doors, I was prepared to scream and to squeal like a little girl. Heart racing, adrenaline pumping strong, I was ready to see some crazy things.

I do not even know where to begin to describe everything that went through my head when I walked through each room. Even though the experience was only about 15 minutes long, and I recommend that you walk slowly to really take everything in, I was not disappointed at all. Each small, almost claustrophobic room had its own elaborate theme with lurking and hidden actors with nothing but mischief on their minds. The rooms were small enough that there was no way for you to avoid these creatures we know of from our nightmares. Trust me, I tried. There are hidden doors in the dark hallways where things will just pop out and you can feel that they are only an inch from your face. And they REALLY get in your face. Then there are rooms that are brightly lit because of the glow-in-the-dark effects and another that was completely in 3D. My favorite though had to be the room with the possessed girl chained to a metal table. She was writhing and screaming, and all I could think was, oh my goodness. This is the exorcism! I swear I stood there for a good 30 seconds just staring with my mouth wide open. It looked too real.

I do not know what is worse. Walking in complete darkness and not knowing what awaits you or clearly seeing every single creature that has haunted you as a child stand right before you. In the end, I would probably go again just to have my insides scream some more.