Our city always seems to be the biggest stage. Everyone can sing the Frank Sinatra lyrics especially when it comes to basketball. Dubbed as the mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden is the biggest stage you can play the sport on.

So if you can make it here, on our hardwood, you can make it anywhere! You’re probably wondering why we’re talking about basketball in March where a team called the Knicks play. Your curiosity is with good reason but we are NOT talking about the Knickerbockers!

It’s March and college basketball is in full effect. While we do not have any NCAA tournament games in the area, we do have the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) which is the oldest tournament in college basketball. Yes, older than the brackets that have you on edge every March!

This year, there weren’t many surprises in the tournament and it all comes to the mecca to be sorted out as the final four teams play on the biggest stage!

No. 1 Temple takes on No. 2 Miami and No. 1 Old Dominion faces No. 2 Stanford. Cinderella, I don’t think so!

The Garden is typically not a cheap place to visit especially when high caliber talent comes around. This may be the exception to the rule and we can’t wait!

MSG is sure to erupt with great games and crazy Alumni making the trip!

We have our owl on and can’t wait to see you there!