They’re not going anywhere. The team was established in 1901 and they wear Yankee hats in the middle of The Sahara Desert. However, the Yankees that anyone from late 20’s to late 30’s know are going away. Lucky for the Yankee fans, it’s been a slow good-bye. Bernie, Jorge, Pettite, Mo, and now Jeter. It was a spectacular run and almost ruined the fan since it got them so used to winning. That is not real life! Take it from a Mets fan. Even as a supporter of the cross-town rivals (I never understood that term), I could appreciate that magical 1996 team where Jeter as we know him debuted.

Derek Jeter Final Season

Well, as of Monday night and the loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, the Yankees were officially eliminated from contention for the division title. No, that doesn’t mean they’re out of the playoffs but Seattle, Toronto and Cleveland ahead of them, it doesn’t look so promising.

I would like to officially bid adieu to the Yankees that I knew growing up. I’ve heard about the ‘losing years’ but who in their right mind associated losing with the Yankees. I’m not saying they’ll become losers or even close to what I cheer for in Queens but maybe now the Yankee fan will learn to appreciate a regular team. You lucky bastards!