Slowly but surely football season is coming to an end. You may have stopped watching before it got cold out if you’re a Jets fan but we’re approaching the NFC and AFC Championship weekend games and starting to look toward Superbowl parties.

If there is any lull in sports, that time is right after the Superbowl and just before March Madness picks up. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; although we wouldn’t mind fast forwarding these cold days.

We’ll probably do more than one Superbowl piece and talk about the events around town but we thought we’d start by looking at hosting the event yourself. We know. We know. Some of you live in a space too small for you and your cat. Don’t worry, our approach is one size fits all — just don’t prepare as much!

You’re obviously going to need the booze – nothing to prepare here. Buy your beer or spirits of choice and move on to the fun part – food!

Chicken Nuggets, Pigskins in a Blanket, Butternut-squash-pizza, Black Bean and Corn Salsa and Marshmallow Popcorn Bars for dessert ought to give you something to think about.

Yes, you can ‘cater’ all of this at The Whole Foods hot bar but what fun is that?

D-I-Y is in!