As much as the cold weather keeps trying to peek through, it seems like we continue to still get some great fall (almost summer) weather poking through. I don’t think anyone is complaining and with fall event season in full effect, it just makes all of us want to be out more, having fun and destroying our livers…Yay!

Football is coming to mid-season and the baseball playoffs are moving right along. We’re past the Jeter retirement and on to judging his business life. What seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle is our beloved New York Rangers (and Islanders)! Yes, hockey season is back! I don’t know about you, but it never seems to feel like it’s a good time for hockey, it starts when we’re not ready for the winter and ends when we’re over the winter.

Coming off a season where the blue shirts were in the Stanley Cup, the hopes are high in New York City (and with good reason). The Islanders are wrapping up their final season in Long Island before their move to Brooklyn so for all of you nostalgic people out there, get it while you can in the Coliseum although we’re not sure why you would want to be there.

If you’re not excited, just think about the other professional teams in New York and their chances of winning anything. Still not convinced to become a Ranger fan? Well, there’s always the Brooklyn Bolts of the FXFL…

We’re putting on our blue shirts NOW!