The motto in Texas is that ‘Bigger is Better’. In New York, that isn’t so true. Maybe it’s due to the lack of space we have or the tiny apartments that we live in or the density of the population in these parts. It seems like were accustomed to smaller, more intimate spaces. So while we do not necessarily disagree with bigger being better, New Yorkers appreciate the smaller things in life. And, that does not exclude entertainment.

Our team is always on the hunt for joints and interesting places to check out. Usually, those are the smaller places, ‘hole in the wall’ kind of deals. So consistent with the theme (sorry Texans), we found an intimate setting and concert in New York hat we can’t wait to tell you about.

We’ve told you about the City Winery before but never discussed the Great Intimate Concerts at City Winery NY. From folk acts and jazz quartets to legendary singer-songwriters and buzz-worthy indie rock bands, this innovative venue is serving up some of the best music the city has to offer — along with some of its finest vintages. City Winery is a truly unique facility, combining a fully functioning winery with intimate concerts, food and wine classes and fine dining. The brainchild of Michael Dorf, founder of the hugely successful Knitting Factory, City Winery’s a vibrant, interactive space where folks can not only listen to great music, but also make their own wine, indulging their passion for quality cuisine, art and friendship.

This is an interesting experience in a unique setting and meets all the criteria for a New York gem!

It’s not a rodeo, but it is special! For discount tickets, check out our Half-Price Tickets.