Ever since the World Cup, soccer (futbol aka football) has been on our minds. We started writing about where to eat and drink while watching the games and then shortly after that, we covered the NYCFC announcements and beginning of the season. Now, we have some more soccer and yes, NYCFC news!

We’re really excited about the announcement since Manhattan is actually in the mix of places to build! Back in 2011, the idea was to build a stadium right in the thick of things (sorry Red Bulls) but then it went through the bureaucratic nightmares and changes a whole bunch of times. Now, we’re talking the island again.

The proposal is to build a larger stadium that could be used by NYCFC and Columbia’s football and soccer teams. Makes a whole lot of sense to us. Yes, it sucks to share stadiums if they’re in Jersey but to have our own professional soccer team in New York F’n City?! That sounds like something we’re stoked for!

While the idea is very much in the discovery part of the process and no promises have been made, NYCFC club executives are aggressively looking at venues and hope to come to a solution soon. We’re hopeful that this makes the most sense and they move forward. New York Events is all for uptown fun!

As we said, we’re hopeful and excited enough to write about it. Hey Knicks, get your ish together. We may have another professional team coming to town that is more exciting than you!