By now, you know that the Islanders are moving to Brooklyn. We here at New York Events have a strict Ranger policy — you have to be a Rangers fan to be here!

However, since we are a New York guide, we know that it’s only fair to cover the Islanders and everything that New York has to offer. We especially want to give them some love during their final season in that hell hole they play in. That is what makes this piece enticing for us…you don’t have to visit the Coliseum to see the Islanders play!

We know that the season has not begun and we JUST entered fall so if it’s too hard to rally for preseason hockey, how about scoring a sweet deal? We have tickets available starting at 40 bucks…Who cares if it’s preseason now? Oh and by the way, it’s against the Devils which we can totally rally around. Oh and double by the way, the game is at The Barclays Center!

Catch a sneak peek of what’s to come and get in the door for less than you need to spend by visiting our Half Price Ticket section!

Again, the New York Islanders host the New Jersey Devils at The Barclays Center for just second-ever professional hockey game at the arena. This is historic!