During one epic lunch, Horace Greeley has become my hero. If you don’t know who Mr. Greeley is, let us drop some knowledge on you. Horace Greeley was editor of the New-York Tribune, among the great newspapers of its time. Long active in politics, he served briefly as a congressman from New York, and was the candidate of the Democratic and Liberal Republican parties in the 1872 presidential election. He was defeated by President Ulysses S. Grant, and died before the casting of the electoral vote. Yes, we totally copied that from Wikipedia and you’re probably wondering if we’re drunk writing right now.

Yes, we had a few brew but no we are not drunk. We are talking about Horace Greeley because his statue is in Greeley Square Park (get it) and in that park is Broadway Bites — a seasonal culinary pop-up market presented by UrbanSpace. We’ve covered some of UrbanSpace’s markets before and we’re always thoroughly satisfied when we have a chance to eat there. It’s even better when they put a wristband on us and let us try everything. Yes, we mean everything.

Vendor highlights for this spring’s installment include:

– The Nugget Spot, a glorious concept devoted to nuggets of every kind, will delight market visitors with their southern belle and Cajun nuggets, paired with a variety of dipping sauces, like OG Ranch and BBQ.
– Renegade Lemonade will keep New Yorkers cool with their creative lemonades, like Apricot Ginger and Cucumber Mint.
– Taco Bono, a spinoff of Macondo, will serve Colombian cheese bread and classic Mexican tacos.
– Morris Sandwich Shop will share their creative takes on classic sandwiches, like the grilled cheese and European combo.
– NOLA Sno Balls, a new concept from the creators of the Gumbo Bros., will bring delicious, fluffy New Orleans style shaved ice to the market.

The rest of the lineup includes Arancini Bros., AsiaDog, Bankok B.A.R., Bar Suzette Bistro, Brooklyn Wok Shop, Domo Taco, Doughnuttery, Enfes Turkish Food, Fire Belly Korean BBQ, Gelato Ti Amo, Hill Country Barbecue Market, Macaron Parlour, Mason Jar, Mexicue, Onigiri by Tampopo, Palenque Colombian Food, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Renegade Lemonade, Taco Bono, The Cannibal, Two Tablespoons, Charlito’s Cocina, Morris Sandwich Shop, NOLA Sno Balls, The Nugget Spot, Momofuku Milk Bar, Zha Pan Asian and Paella Shack.

If you’re thinking that we didn’t try everything in one setting, then you are correct and have caught us in a lie. However, we will be back!

During our first visit of the season, we started off with a spicy pork taco from Fire Belly Korean BBQ. Lucky for us, the kind sir serving us hooked us up with a heaping taco to wet out palette. It was outstanding! And, opened our appetite it did!

Our next stop was at the Red Hook Lobster Pound for some Maine style lobster rolls. Think of your best lobster roll then toast a buttered bun and wrap it around the fresh lobster. DELICIOUS!

After our seafood treat, we walked towards the end of the market to find Arancini Bros. We have heard of the legendary balls but after today, we have a new addiction (like we need another vice). The awesome little balls of deliciousness are served in half an egg crate and one is better than the next until you bite into an oozy Nutella bliss.

Once we climaxed over the ball filled with Nutella, we rolled over to The Doughnuttery and checked out our favorite Chelsea Market spot for the best doughnuts. Period. The best. End of story.

We finished two bags and prayed not to have a heart attack. After writing this piece, we have worked up an appetite for round two. It will take us a few days to get through the market (even at four stops per outing) but we can’t wait!

See our photos and re read this piece. The market is a scene and you’ll walk (roll) away happier than you came.