You may have heard of them or been to some of their projects and not known who was behind it. Have you been to Broadway Bites, Madison Square Eats, or the Columbus Circle Holiday Market? If so, you know UrbanSpace. They, UrbanSpace, create awesome environments in places where local makers collaborate, exchange ideas, and showcase their wares.

They stress the sense of community as they transform city spaces and provide platforms to help artisans and entrepreneurs succeed. Lucky for us and our readers, they have a strong focus on FOOD! It feels like nearly half of what we talk about around here is food! Oh well.

Garment District

Garment District

UrbanSpace Garment District has been up and running and will continue to do so through October 17th! You have time but what if you wanted to go back? And back again? There are so many delicious options that time actually is of the essence! Well, at least 31 meals; which we guess you can do in two weeks (or less if you work at New York Events).

The roster of vendors includes some of NYC’s finest chefs and food-makers and runs for three blocks on Broadway, from 41st Street to 39th Street.

We would head straight for the Wafels & Dinges…just saying.

There’s 31 vendors and almost a month…go!