Halloween falls on a Friday this year which means that New York City will be rocking! Halloween is always a great time but when everyone has the next day off, well, you can only imagine what happens here.

Halloween is not the only thing that’s orange and happening next week. The New York Knickerbockers season kicks off on October 29th!

We’re not the back page or a sports site, but as an event-driven site, we are obligated to tell you about the event that takes place at the Garden next week. Everyone knows that when the Knicks are good (we know it’s been forever), there is no better team to root for in New York.

With some Knick experience under his belt, legendary coach Phil Jackson, new coach Derek Fisher and a refreshed Carmelo Anthony leading the charge on the court, there’s no better time to come on out to Madison Square Garden.

The season kicks off with the Bulls in a rivalry that hopes to be renewed (ehh hem to all you old school Knick fans from the Ewing/Starks days).

We also want to note that we have discounted tickets available for you at www.newyorkevents.co/halfprice

Check out the schedule, check out the deals and Go New York, Go New York, GO!