Just because our beloved New York Jets and New York Giants are eliminated from the playoffs (and it’s felt that way for quite some time) does not mean that the football season is over! In fact, some would argue that we’re at the most exciting time of the season!

This is the point where we start looking at tiebreaker scenarios and see who needs what to happen in order to have a chance at the Superbowl Crown and play on the world’s biggest stage.

Again, our New York teams are NOT in BUT New York probably has the most diverse fan base of any city in the United States. Therefore, football season is very much alive and thriving in these parts.

As you get ready for the final week of the regular season and start making plans for where to watch the game and round up your cronies, we did some research for you.

Actually, we’re kind of lazy and just went to the source. Our friends at Murph Guide always do a great job of giving us drink suggestions on where to drink (and on the cheap). To sweeten the deal, they break it out by team.

Check it out – http://murphguide.com/sports/football/nfl-game-watch-bars-in-nyc/

Happy Week 17!