Living in the United States, we often do not have soccer top of mind. Further, we probably focus even less on European soccer (or football or fútbol). However, we love sports in this town and there’s enough diversity for us to find whatever we want around here. Lucky for us New Yorkers, the opportunity to watch and follow leagues abroad is available and plentiful. While you likely did not take advantage of this 8 years ago, we have an excuse to remind you (or explain for the first time) the epic events of the 2004 Euro Cup! And it all happens on the big screen for you to enjoy. Given the story is about the Greek National Team, the location is appropriate as it happens at The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.

The Hellenic Film Society USA (HFS) will present King Otto, the critically acclaimed film about the miracle triumph of the Greek National Soccer Team at the 2004 European Championships. The screening on Sunday, March 27 at 3pm at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, will be followed by a live panel discussion and audience Q&A with members of that championship team who are coming to New York for the film’s premiere.

Directed by Greek-American Christopher André Marks, King Otto tells the improbable story of one of the biggest upsets in sports history. The Greek team, which defied 300 to 1 odds, was led by legendary German coach ‘King’ Otto Rehhagel who, after major success in his own country, went to work with the underachieving Greek National Team in a language he didn’t speak, in a country he couldn’t understand.

Besides the on-field drama, at its core King Otto is an intimate human story of cultural collaboration and triumph of spirit at a time when we need such uplifting tales of hope and unity. The documentary opened theatrically in Europe and Australia to critical acclaim. The BBC calls it, “A beautiful, beautiful film.”

“We are thrilled to be showing King Otto, which is a very exciting, well-crafted film,” said Jimmy DeMetro, president, Hellenic Film Society USA. “Coach Otto and the modern-day underdog Greek heroes in this moving film are almost a page out of Greek mythology.”

Use this as your reason to head to Queens, enjoy a delicious meal and appreciate the miracle that took place 8 years ago. Heck, you may even become a fútbol fan!

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