As you know, we attend many events. And when we’re not attending events, we’re covering events, previewing events, adding events to our calendar, planning our events and planning events for you. We know events and we know event space. In fact, we have become a trusted source for choosing venues when planning events.

Having said all of that and reiterating our place in the market and highlighting our experience, we have not been to anything like the event we attended on Saturday night. We told you about it so you can’t get mad at us for missing it. Lions Tigers and Brews did not disappoint. We were curious and intrigued going in and we haven’t stopped telling everyone we know going out.

The event was held on the colonnade in the Central Park Zoo, with the New York City skyline as a scenic backdrop. Sound pretty awesome, yes? Well, what if we told you that it was at night and what if we told you that Hudson Horns was walking around jamming out (if you don’t know, Hudson Horns is a brand new band coming from NYC’s top dance parties such as Daybreaker and The Getdown) and what if we told you that there were sea lions at the center jumping around and doing tricks and what if we told you that there was a DJ playing music and people were dancing?! This was an unforgettable event in a one-of-a-kind venue.

We can’t talk about it enough. Oh and by the way, it was a craft beer festival and some of our favorite local food establishments including Tres Carnes and Luke’s Lobster! Check out our photos but they don’t do the event the justice it deserves.

It was an epic party and totally embodied New York City in the most unsuspecting venue.