We’re not going to repeat the joke or tell you about the horse that walks into a bar…

It’s one of the oldest jokes around and at this point makes us chuckle instead of rolling our eyes because we have heard it so often.

This piece is about horses but not about jokes. Well, one horse in particular, American Pharoah. Yes, we spelled the name correctly (or incorrectly) but that’s how its owners wanted it.

If you haven’t been following, American Pharoah has won the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and is now running for the Triple Crown. The hype is heating up as the horsy drew a bid from the No. 5 post in a field of eight as the 3-5 favorite. Yes, a favorite to win the untouchable Triple Crown honor. It’s a big deal. Like a really big deal. So big, that crowds of around 100,000 are expected to be there. If you’re into watching history, take it from us when we went to see California Chrome last year and sat on the Long Island Railroad for over 2 hours. While there were plenty of fedoras and sun dresses to entertain us, it was a miserable ride and very clear that Belmont Raceway cannot handle the masses. Again, if you’re into history, this is your event and definitely get there early!

It’s an exciting time, no doubt and the world will be watching. Everyone remembers Affirmed who won it in 1978 but no one remembers all of those who tied. We wish American Pharoah all the luck in the world.

We’ll be cheering for you. Just not fighting the crowds to see it live!