New York City has always and will always be a pro sports town. Just like the case with Chicago and Los Angeles, while there are college teams and universities spread throughout the city, pro sports is where it is at. However, this does not mean NYC misses out on the buzz of March Madness. In fact, there are plenty of games to take in both inside the city and from the local sports bar.

Now, for anyone who is not able to take in a live game, there are literally thousands of options in the city for watching the game. It really just depends on the atmosphere someone is looking for. There are sports bars not only for every kind of sport, but for most major universities as well. By simply looking up the name of someone’s favorite college team in the city of New York, they are going to find a sports bar that caters to this kind of fan, which ensures they can always see their game. With a city like New York, there is an option for everyone.

Regarding actual games, there are a slow of games. The Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament takes place in Madison Square Garden from March 11 to the 14th. This is the week before the main tournament starts.

The city of New York does not play host to any of the main NCAA tournament games, as these are spread throughout other regions of the country. The major reason behind this though is because the NIT semi-finals and finals are played in the Garden. Short for the National Invitation Tournament, this is for 32 teams that did not make the field of 68 for the main tournament. It takes place from March 31 until April 2.