It’s funny what you don’t appreciate as a New Yorker. We were recently entertaining guests from the south and by the third day, they were exhausted by New York. Not because of the typical overwhelming hustle and bustle but because of getting around. Yes, getting around!

Most of us in this town get around using a combination of public transportation and our feet; we’re used to walking multiple miles every day and riding subways, buses, and trains to get from point A to B. Our guests were not and kept commenting on how great it is to not have a car and really emphasized the abundance of options to get around. Just when I thought I have tried all of our transportation outlets here (except for the Roosevelt Island Tramway which I am petrified of), I learned about another. Yes, I know about the water taxi and various boats that cruise around town.

One of the activities our guests did while they were in town was go to a Mets game. What they taught me is that you can travel to Citifield by boat! Not only is there an excuse NOT to ride the 7 train but now you can enjoy a 75 minute ride with amazing views to Flushing! You do have to leave from Jersey (I know, I know) but they serve cocktails, cold beer, soft drinks, and snacks on board. On your way to the game, check out the TVs on board for pre-game coverage while relaxing and enjoying the open air and unique views of Manhattan.

For more information, check out Seastreak Ferry at They have trips to Yankee Stadium, Bear Mountain, West Point and more! It’s a very unique way to travel the New York Metropolitan area and see it in a way that you never have!