It’s tough being a sports fan in this town. We have great arenas and places to watch sports, incredible fans and historical franchises. So, what’s the problem? Maybe that’s a question for the team owners. What’s the reason it’s so tough? They don’t win! Yes, there are tons of championships in our history and we have the Canyon of Heroes and plenty of memorable ticker tape parades to remember (some of us). It just feels like there is so much pain to go with it.

We bring all of this up as we look towards March, the start of the baseball season and of course, March Madness. However, before we leave the month of February, we’d like to remind you that there is soccer in our city and there are some local games to watch! The New York Red Bulls have their first home game on February 27th against Atlético Pantoja, a professional football (soccer) team based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. While it’s not an official game, this is sure to be a blast at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

The New York Red Bulls are the New York area’s first local entry in Major League Soccer—the top soccer league in the United States. Once you accept the fact that we’re not in Europe and in many respects, professional soccer is akin to a startup, you’ll appreciate how awesome this league is. To enhance the experience, visiting Red Bull Arena is a treat as it is widely considered among the best soccer-specific stadiums in the nation, features stands with metal flooring that fans can stomp on, and the place gets loud for big games. Not that New Yorkers need to be convinced to be loud, but this place is built to give the team a real homefield advantage.

So, as we enter the Spring Season, we think Mets, we think Yankees and we watch our brackets. Hedge your fandom and add some soccer in there. This may be the team you follow through to the end.

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