On the eve of our Annual Ski (and snowboard) Trip, we just realized how happy our office is that it’s winter. Maybe it’s the weird in-between period that affects us all. The time from the fun fall, frolicking around town and still enjoying the outdoors but before we can find an activity that gets us outside. It seems like ski and snowboard season has done the trick.

Similar to the cusp of the nice weather in the spring, we cannot wait to get to the mountains and spend time outdoors.

Some of us even have new skis, boots and snowboards to break in. Some of us just need another excuse to party. Whatever the reason is, the season is here! So, grab your friends, a party bus, a car, and your skis or snowboard, grow your beards and giddy up for winter!

Whether you’re joining us in Killington or doing some form of ‘Hamptons North’ this season, we look forward to the next installment of the running party called life.

With that, cheers and happy snow!