Since March, life has obviously been far from normal.  Typically, the Spring doesn’t kick off with a pandemic. It’s usually filled with events that lead us right into summer. For our team that includes March Madness and baseball! Spring Training did happen for a minute but was quickly shut down when coronavirus hit us. Now, after four long months, baseball is back!

New York is a baseball town and the sport has us waiting patiently all winter to get to The Bronx and Queens. Yankee Stadium and Citi Field are as much of the fabric of this town as the iconic buildings and Holiday Season.  Heck, travel anywhere in the world and you’ll find someone wearing a Yankees cap.

With the start of an abbreviated season coming this week, we cannot wait. While we won’t be making any trips to the stadiums just yet, we’ll forgo the Shake Shack and Lobel’s and watch it on TV. Yes, we have been watching Mets and Yankees basically every day during this ‘Spring Training’ period but we’re psyched for the real deal!

Opening Day is a day that makes us feel like a kid again. The high hopes for our teams, the start of nice weather and all that comes with a fresh slate. This year is no different. In fact, Opening Day in a pandemic kind of adds to it. We need this. And, it’s happening! This season won’t look like any other that we’ve seen, and we hope to never ever experience anything like this again. However, we’ll take what we can get and excited for some baseball!

The Yankees kick off on Thursday, July 23rd in Washington, DC against the defending World Series Champions, the Nationals while the Mets start the 60-game season in Queens when the division rival Braves come to town on Friday afternoon.

It will be something we’ve never seen before and we’re hopeful this is a much-needed distraction and the beginning of some normalcy! Playyyyyyy ball!