You’ve used the phrase before and have likely been called a ‘Party Animal’. But, have you ever partied with the animals? And, no, we are are not referring to your fraternity house. We know how that went. The event we are talking about is happening at the largest urban zoo in the country and right in our backyard. You know, the one right by Yankee Stadium, just north of Manhattan — The Bronx Zoo!  While this isn’t the first party we’ve been to in a zoo, it doesn’t mean that we’re any less excited.

Every year, the Wildlife Conservation Society puts on an event, Brew at the Zoo. As the name suggests, you’ll enjoy some specialty beers in addition to checking out some spectacular animals. The event has the Bronx Zoo animal exhibits open for special viewing from 6-7:30 p.m. in advance of Brew at the Zoo. What does that mean? Well, you’ll be able to spend time with grizzly bears, giraffes, lemurs, sea lions and more before enjoying unlimited beers.  While these animals will go to bed, the sea lions will remain out on Astor Court throughout the night (literally, party animals) while you sip on various tastings and enjoy some delicious bites.

The event takes place on Friday, June 15th. The brews start flowing at 7 p.m. when samples of over 100 varieties of wine and beer begin to be poured. This is your opportunity to find a new favorite or enjoy a classic.  Whether you’re looking for a bite to compliment your drink or designed as driver, the food is where it’s at! There will be plenty of options to sample – from numerous food trucks or classic meals at one of the zoo cafes, there will be a wide array of treats available for purchase.

Throughout the night, channel your inner rock star and Jam with the Band™, test your Animal IQ during bar trivia, or take a break at the retro game room. Live bands and DJs will keep the party buzzing all night! .

Get ready for a party that only comes once a year! For more information and tickets, visit: