Spring brings a world of optimism for our lives. It’s the time when we do ‘spring cleaning’ and bring in the new and leave the old behind. We find ourselves with a renewed view of the world. Love seems to be in the air. The days are longer and we’re spending more time outdoors. All of this leads to us being happier and positive. Maybe that’s why we deal with the winter because there is no better feeling than the start of spring and we likely couldn’t appreciate it or have the mindset that it brings without the pain of the winter. And of course, there is no better place to be than New York when this is all happening. So, as we march to summer, the energy is high and we’re ready for the activity that best signifies everything we just talked about, baseball!

While the recent performance and results do not support it, this is a baseball town. Whether you’re an American League fan or a National League fan, there is a place for you. Especially as of late for you Mets fans. Heck, even if you’re not from here and doing a tour and like to front run, who better than the Yankees?!

It all begins this week! Yes folks, baseball is back! Finally! We had the lockout and there were doubts but we can finally look forward to some positive and exciting times as we look to the boys of summer and a season that legitimately gives us some hope. Maybe that’s the exciting part? We start with a clean slate, and anything can happen! The Mets will open the 2022 regular season on April 7th  against the Washington Nationals, and the Yankees are set for Thursday against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Does it get any better than this? We sure don’t think so.

Let’s go Mets! Let’s go Yankees! Who cares!? Baseball is back and spring is in the air!