In line with the summer and the pieces that we have been putting together for your pleasure, we are sticking with the outdoor theme.

Typically, we’re telling you which sidewalk to eat on and which sidewalk to drink on. Sometimes, we’ll even throw in a few places to eat and drink on a roof.

Yes, we are the first ones at the bar at any party and spend the most time looking at the menu at the dinner table and ALWAYS order dessert but life is not ALL about eat and drink!

OK, it sort of is but we need to do something to work off those cals! How about some nice outdoor fun. Drinks are optional but we’re thinking of old school, fFrisbee throwing, wiffle balling, hoop shooting kind of fun!

To have that much fun without a backyard in a city is tougher than you think! Maybe we think that way because we’re always trying to do things in the parks of all parks, Central Park. How about we expand our horizons and spend the outdoors, outside of our treehouses somewhere fresh.

Here are 5 ‘other’ parks we suggest you check out soon. Pass the Frisbee! (Or is it throw?)

Riverside Park – scenic waterfront Public Park on the Upper West Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

Pelham Bay Park – Public Park located in the northeast corner of the New York City borough of the Bronx and extending partially into Westchester County.

Inwood Hill Park – city-owned and maintained Public Park in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge Park – an 85-acre park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City.

Flushing Meadows–Corona Park – often referred to as Flushing Meadows Park, or simply Flushing Meadows, is a public park in New York City.