If you don’t know what the Preakness is, then we will educate you for a second. Before we do that, we must fully disclose that you we are assuming that you know what the Kentucky Derby is and what the Triple Crown is. The Preakness Stakes is the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown Pursuit and in-between the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. The race takes place in Pimlico, a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, is the site of Pimlico Race Course, which holds the Preakness Stakes.

Got it? Good. Now that we covered Preakness Stakes 101, let’s talk about American Pharoah. No, this has nothing to do with anything Egyptian. This is a typical awesome (in our opinion) horse name that has been dominating the headlines if you’ve been living under a rock. Do we want American Pharoah to win the Preakness? Hell yes! Why? Because that means an epic party at the Belmont Stakes! Remember California Chrome? Chances are that you do given that the attendance of 102,199 was the third highest in Belmont Stakes history.

All kidding aside, a potential Triple Crown is an exciting event to go see at Belmont. We did it last year which is why we’re so amped for the Preakness. A win by American Pharoah gives us another chance to see a Triple Crown, celebrate at Belmont Stakes and have an epic party of a day! Yes, day drinking is part of it. And gambling. And lots and lots of sun dresses and fedoras. Awesome. Yes.

Let’s go American Pharoah!