New York has always been a baseball town. Historically a National League city and for the most part a successful and competitive baseball landscape have kept the tough New Yorkers interested in the sport.

While the last decade or so has been all about the Bronx and the Yankees winning World Series, having iconic players retire and scandals with A-Rod; all of the action has been in the Yankees. Even when the Mets and Yankees opened new buildings, it seemed though the Yankees had more attention. Maybe that’s because New York Events was founded by a Mets fan and we’re tired of long suffering seasons and waiting til ‘next year’. For this reason, we are excited to be writing this piece for all of you.

For the first time in a long time, the expectations for the New York Mets are greater than the Bronx Bombers. Before you Yankee fans get upset and bash the site, we want to let you know that we love you guys and are jealous of you guys but please let us enjoy the moment!

The second game of the season (and all the scandal surrounding it) has over 40,000 tickets sold. Again, this is not the home opener and we’re in April! Matt Harvey is on the mound and we expect to WIN!

Mets fans, we have not had this for a long time and we need to take advantage! Yes, it was nice when the Wilpons begged us to attend games with $5 tickets but now it’s time to pay up and watch a winner!

We’re excited and so should you. Yankee fans, even you have a reason to come to Queens and watch a solid product (and enjoy some Shake Shack).

So, in a way, Queens is the place to be. At least for the start of the season. Let’s not forget, Mets fans, things don’t usually work out our way.

See you at the park! Especially on #HarveyDay!