Somehow the Subway Series always feels relevant no matter how bad the teams are. We should correct ourselves and say no matter how bad the Mets were. We’re not going to look back into stats and records but we can definitely tell you with extreme confidence that the majority of the Subway Series to date were good or great Yankee teams and descent but mostly bad Mets teams. This year is different. And we are excited!

We recognize that this is not a sports blog and we have been writing more sports posts than usual. However, with the Subway Series here and both teams on fire (especially the Mets); we believe that this series will have more viewers than the Rangers Stanley Cup Playoffs! It’s actually not that unthinkable given that New York is a baseball town.

From what we’re told, there are still tickets available and we recommend you get yourself some seats in the Bronx. If you haven’t been following, take it from us. This is a special Subway Series; the energy will be high and the competition will be fierce. It’s still April but this is shaping up to be a great season! In fact, with many of the Yankee greats no longer around, it makes it even more of a special team. As for the Mets, its nice to finally have something come to fruition.

We won’t hide our allegiance (and pain) to the Mets but when both teams are on, this city is rocking!

Enjoy the baseball filled weekend and look for us at The Stadium!