Yes, the Spring Equinox happened on Friday, March 20th but it hasn’t really felt like spring. The weather has been changing which helps but something is missing. With the start of the baseball season, we knew exactly what it was!

The Yankees and Mets are finally kicking off and everyone has a clean slate! The ‘next year’ comments are here and we’re all optimistic no matter which team you root for. Wheeler out for the year? No big deal (right now). It’s like a solid cleansing and re-emergence.

Everyone is in great spirits despite the fact that Derek Jeter gone, Alex Rodriguez is back from his suspension (and maybe we hate him less) and we’re all excited to see how Didi Gregorius fills big shoes. Sure, by mid-summer, we’ll all be bashing players, coaches, personnel and ownership; talking about 2016 but for now, let’s enjoy the fresh start. Heck, even CC Sabathia changed his locker (took over Derek’s).

Spring is here, its official. The weather is right behind the baseball season and we can’t wait to PLAYYYYYYYYYYYY BALL!!!

See you on the diamond! We’ll be the ones with mustard stains on our mouth, an ice cream in the left hand and a pretzel in the other!