It’s that time of the year! Time to shed the winter gloom. Finally! Undoubtedly, some of us do enjoy the razor-sharp, stealthy, yet soul-thieving gusts of wind – just one of the Atlantic nest’s many perks. However, no matter how glorious New York City does enjoy its slumber. And the residents? – Comme ci comme ça, as the French would say. While some may indulge in NYC’s ethereal winter magic, it’s safe to say – most look forward to bidding the antagonist season adieu. So long, gray face. See you next year. Come March, and it’s on to the good bits. The relentless undertone of inherent fervor comes knocking at our doors. And we’re young and alive once again. Snap, snap. Springtime is upon us. Where to, eager legs? Read on for the best spring festivals and fairs to attend in NYC. 

Cherry Blossom Festival

Or, as we all know it – Sakura Matsuri (although the Japanese call it “hanami”). So, yes. The cherry blossom festival held at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a thing. Save your airline miles, you don’t have to chase trees across the globe. The breathtaking, shattering beauty of cherry blossoms can be witnessed locally. Indeed. Each year, locals in their most preferred footwear – i.e., running shoes, hurtle toward the Garden, hoping to glimpse this transient yet majestic natural occurrence. Why? Because it is worth it. The festival runs from April 1st until the end of the much anticipated month. – And it’s not just the cherry blossoms that steal the show – New York’s finest botanical garden is abundant in rare plants and spectacular sightings. On the bonus side, visitors can enjoy other soothing stimuli like live music, food vendors, and other sense-engaging impulses.

Flower Show by Macy’s

Be sure to put this in your calendar, spring kids! Spring hasn’t officially sprung until one of the most relevant architectural Herald Square icons opens its doors to yet another season of clear blue skies and sheer bloom paradise. Macy’s NYC marquee stores deliver an unforgettable two-week show that speaks unfathomable volumes, fashion, and nature-wise. Reaching nearly ONE MILLION flowers, plants, and trees, it’s one of the few places on Earth that can showcase that universal joy in humans: the return of the Sun. Rejoice, Macy’s says. NYC locals and distant travelers flock to this flower-wonder show, where awe-inducing arrangements are decorated to portray this year’s distinct theme. The 2023’s unique installment will feature a dreamlike project, a “dreamscape of fluffy clouds and whimsical floral landscapes,” Macy’s is partnering up with Dior for the anticipated arrival.

Be sure to catch it; the gravity-defying spectacle is from March 26 through April 10, 2023.

Queens Night Market

Speaking of the finest spring festivals and fairs to attend in NYC, missing the borough’s best foodie fair? It’s back on. And it’s better than ever. The ever-popular, family-friendly, open-air night market in Queens features over 100 independent vendors selling food, art, and merchandise. And? – And we love it. Getting your hands (or mouth?) on some goosebumps HQ-level food on the cheap is rare. But NYC never disappoints. It delivers. For seven years now, QNM has been relentlessly feeding (and entertaining) the good people of New York. Salvadoran pupusas, Burmese palatas, Filipino choriburgers, or Trinidadian shark sandwiches – let your tastebuds run wild and free. Taste the liberty. QNM also takes pride in its vintage apparel arsenal, international handcrafts, handmade jewelry, photography, candles, soap, gourmet dog treats, local art, and fine, fine ceramics.

Starting: April 15, it runs every Saturday night through the summer—New York Hall of Science, Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

The Affordable Art Fair

Is your empty wall staring back at you? Here’s an idea. The spectacular walk-around expo becomes a visual symphony for the ones with a distinct taste; over 70 galleries under one roof are there to tease and then please every visitor’s imagination buds: sculpture, painting, photography, and the remaining media known to humankind. The Metropolitan Pavilion will showcase original contemporary artwork from local, national, or international exhibitors. The spring edition has it all. Still, don’t let the name fool you; when we say affordable, we mean “affordable,” as the showcased artworks may range between $100 to $12,000. So, stack up if you’re looking to buy. If not, enjoy and immerse. Breathe in the ingenious, and if you’re a recent transplant: welcome home. That is how you adapt to NYC living. – How do you adjust to the big city? You perfect your artistical sighs. “Marvelous.”

The fair runs from March 22-26 in Chelsea. The price tag starts at $27, but under wraps: the fair has free admission for those who come knocking on Friday, March 24 (6-8 pm).

The Governors Ball

It’s official; the lineup has been announced – and it’s superb. Founders Entertainment made the big announcement and stated: “one of the Governors Ball Music Festival’s biggest announcements in the New York City born and bred festival’s history.” For all the eager legs of NYC, this is officially the twelfth edition of the show. After being held at Citi Field for two years, the show is now in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. (Rings a bell?) Why is it being relocated? – The new location offers better transit options, including LIRR and the 7 train. 

Visitors can enjoy the shade and use the open space to showcase their well-rehearsed (or improvised) killer moves. More good news: Queens Night Market will bring a host of QNM favorites to the anticipated festival as vendors. The lineup includes Lizzo, ODESZA, and Kendrick Lamar. Local super talents will get their chance to dazzle the crowd, and local nonprofits will also be involved in the Ball.

June 9-11.


There are myriad spring festivals and fairs to attend in NYC, but if you’re a true film buff – look no further than the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s open to the public?! – Yes. Although it’s a star-studded event, tickets are available to everyone. The festival takes place in April throughout Tribeca, Chelsea, and East Village.

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